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I wish people would stop calling a fuller figure "plus size".. I don't think we have similar body shapes (you seem taller? then again you're always in heels!) but just because I have some chub doesn't mean I'm plus size. I happily wear a normal medium, thanks! Do you ever feel this way?

i think it’s silly that people want to refer to anything as something else. to some i mightlook plus size but whatever. it’s the same that i might look to have a similar shape. you can only see so much through pictures. unless i tell someone my exact measurements or something, there’s no way to tell (and even then, people carry weight differently). it’s silly that people want to refer to people with meat on their bones as “plus size” or naturally skinny people as “underweight”… it has no bearing on anyone else. if it’s not your body, it’s not your call. but then i politely (and sometimes not-so politely) say that i’m actually not plus size and then the internet errupts in “OMG U CLAIM 2 B SEW BAWDY POSITIV. UR A LIAR. BEIN FAT ISNT BAD”… when i never said fat or thick or not thin was bad. there’s nothing wrong with being plus size, but it doesn’t seem productive or helpful to let people think i’m plus size and have all this knowledge about how/where to shop for those sizes. i wear regular/standard sizes and get chastised for directing them to somewhere more helpful (usually fuckyeahchubbyfashion). i can’t win for losing with the internet. i’m so far over it honestly. plus, when people get all up in arms or start calling me fat via anon, it does nothing but send the wrong message to anyone who follows me that may be bigger or just carry weight differently. i’m just going to stop acknowledging those comments because it’s not fair to spam people with all of that mess.

sorry for my tangent! 

  1. boabblog said: hey, you’re awesome.
  2. sparkgrrl658 said: i’m not a fan of these labels either. another similar thing i hate is when people refer to me as BBW, or i get a follower or friend request & it’s clear that’s what they think. just like me for me, don’t categorize me. it makes me feel gross.
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